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Is it okay to use the existing trash and recycling receptacles to clean up during and after a special event?

Views: 2471 Created: 05/31/2011 06:38 pm Last Updated: 09/18/2015 11:15 am 0 Rating/ Voters

Trash and recycling receptacles in facilities have the capacity for day-to-day use, but  are not designed to accommodate the larger volume of trash generated at events. Groups may use on-site trash and recycling receptacles if they pay to service them during and after the event. When you order event service, we will estimate the number of receptacles based on your projected attendance.

We ask that those who hold events on campus think ahead about trash. We strongly encourage all groups to take advantage of zero-waste event service, where all materials are recyclable or compostable, and waste is placed in special receptacles provided for this purpose. See the Event Services page for answers to event-related questions.

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