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1 How do I get a project started?

Place a work order and Facilities Management will take it from there (except emergencies, which should be phoned in.) If you are planning a renovation, such as a lab or office remodel or the installation of new lab equipment you may contact small project…

2 Can I submit a work request online?

Yes, please do! (Except in emergencies. If a facility issue poses a threat of injury to humans or animals, damage to facilities, or loss of research, call 752-1655.)

3 Can my department store items in the space where mechanical equipment and building utilities are stored?

We ask that departments not store items in equipment rooms. That space can be dangerous and should only be accessed by Facilities Management personnel. Please do not place any equipment or supplies there.

4 Do you know who is working in my building?

Because of the nature of the work and our work schedules, we do not always know who is working in a particular building. You may ask any Facilities employee or contractor to present identification and they should gladly show it to you and tell you why they…

5 Does a person from my department need to be present during the project?

All we require is a contact name and phone number for the person who requested the service. If you would like someone to be present, then by all means do so.

6 During what hours will you work on our project?

Work is scheduled between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m. weekdays. On non-emergency projects, we will work with you to schedule the work at a mutually convenient time. Some projects must be done during evening or weekend hours so as not to disrupt operations.

7 Help! I need directions to the UC Davis campus.

Directions to Facilities Management's offices. Please visit the online UC Davis campus map for directions to all other campus locations and parking lots.

8 How do I dispose of a key that is bent and cracked?

If you have a key that is bent or cracked so that it does not work in a lock, it should be returned to the Facilities Management Lock Shop. Please send the key via Inter Office mail to Facilities Lock Shop / Key Control with a note explaining why you are…

9 How do I know if Facilities Management can do the type of work we need done?

Facilities Management does any type of work needed on campus. Depending on the type and scope of the job, an outside contractor may be used. All contracted projects will be managed by Facilities Management or Design & Construction Management.

10 Is my building open over the weekend?

This varies by building.

11 What do you consider an emergency or urgent request?

Facility emergencies are maintenance problems that pose an immediate threat of injury to humans or animals, damage to facilities, or loss of research. If you are certain that your request is not an emergency, we ask that you place your work request online.…

12 What does a typical construction schedule look like?

Construction schedules vary in detail, but the main components are start and end dates, critical path components — in other words, the significant steps that must be undertaken and the order in which they must be performed — and major milestone completion…

13 What is my building's official name, CAAN or Zone number?

You can look these up in FacilitiesLink (UC Davis login required) or contact Facilities Management Customer Service for this information.

14 What is the campus standard for room temperature?

The campus standard for room temperature is 68 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit (20 to 26 Celsius) year round. This standard is based on what is safe and healthy for human beings. Animal facilities and other special-use spaces may be maintained at different temperatures.…

15 What’s the difference between Facilities Management and Design & Construction Management?

Facilities Management and Design & Construction Management are two operating units in the Administrative & Resource Management division of UC Davis. Facilities Management is responsible for the operation, maintenance and repair of buildings, building systems…

16 What’s the status of my work request?

You can check the status of your work request online in the Work Order system. You will need your Work Order number to do so.

17 When can I phone Customer Service?

You can phone any time, but we ask that all non-urgent work requests be placed through the online work order system. You should call immediately when a facility issue poses a threat of injury to humans or animals, damage to facilities, or loss of research.…

18 When will my job get done?

Emergencies -- issues that affect research or teaching, which involve health and safety, or which threaten further damage to facilities -- always take priority and are dispatched immediately. Non-emergency work is done on a first-come, first-served basis.…

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