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1 Can I feed the ducks or squirrels?

No, please do not. This interferes with their natural behavior and this will ultimately cause a bigger problem for the animals.

2 How did the rose gardens on campus get started and who takes care of them?

Call Grounds and they would have all of the answers to these questions.

3 How do I dispose of a key that is bent and cracked?

If you have a key that is bent or cracked so that it does not work in a lock, it should be returned to the Facilities Management Lock Shop. Please send the key via Inter Office mail to Facilities Lock Shop / Key Control with a note explaining why you are…

4 How do I get into a building if I am visiting?

Work with custodians beforehand to have them keep the building unlocked and/or locate the general assignment buildings.

5 How do I know if I have a security issue?

A security issue is anything that you feel is going to threaten the safety of your building and bring harm to any human being. Example of a safety issue: -Lab door not shutting and there are chemicals inside, confidential records, or high expensive equipment…

6 How many phone calls does Facilities usually get?

We usually average about 150 phone calls daily. There are certain periods when we are a lot busier especially earlier in the day so that could explain why it is taking longer for your phone call to get answered.

7 If there is an unwanted animal in my building what do I do?

Please contact Environmental Health and Safety at 752-1493 as soon as possible to report animal control issues.

8 What do I do if the building I am going to is not a general assignment building?

You need to get keys from a janitor. Please refer to the list of

9 What happens when a faculty member dies?

The University of California Flag goes half-mast at the Memorial Union.

10 What is the point of the cows?

They are there for studies and they get milked because we sell to Crystal Milk.

11 What should be done about dive-bombing birds?

Occasionally, birds will build nests in trees along walkways and bike paths. When there are babies in the nest, mother birds can become protective, swooping down on passersby. This is temporary behavior and will stop after the babies are old enough to fly…

12 What should I do if the thermostat is broken?

Ask yourself are you too hot or too cold? Check the degrees of your thermostat and if it is at 68-78 degrees then it is an okay temperature to be in and does not need to be fixed. Otherwise please contact Facilities Services to fix your thermostat.

13 What to do if the bathrooms are locked if I am in a building on the weekend?

Talk to the custodian beforehand to make sure they are opened otherwise call Facilities Management's 24-hour hotline and they will get someone out there for you in a timely manner.

14 What to do if the cows get out?

Call us and we'll call Animal Sciences to round up the cows.

15 What to do with my dirty needles?

Call EH&S and they will take care of it. Please do not throw them away in the regular trash can.

16 What to do with my e-waste?

Your e-waste can be picked up by the Aggie Surplus and they will recycle for you, but you will be charged.

17 Where can we drop off batteries?

There are different areas located throughout campus where you can do these things. They are: 1. Aggie Surple 2. Call2Recycle ( 3. Waste Reduction and Recycling (