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1 What is the phone number to call Customer Service? Featured

Please call (530) 752-1655 with any emergencies or questions!

2 How are work orders prioritized?

Facilities Management classifies service requests into one of three priority levels. Priority 3: These are top-priority issues and we will dispatch a technician to address the problem as soon as possible. Typically, these are issues that impact human/animal…

3 What building am I in?

Try looking for the name of the building, which is usually located in the front of the building. If that cannot be found then call 752-1655 and they will help you figure it out.

4 What is the process of putting in a work order?

You can either call us or complete a work order online through the Customer Support Center Important information to know when placing a work order: 1. Building and zone number 2. What the issue is 3. What is the priority of the issue? 4. Recharge information…

5 Where is the UC Davis Campus located?

Address: 1 Shields Ave Davis, CA 95616 Phone Number: (530) 752-1011

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